Introducing GM 02 Plastic Lids Machine for Wet Wipes.

GM 02  Automatic Plastic Lids Machine with 4 vacuum pad. Automatic Plastic Lids Machine use Vision Camera technology to detect position to place the plastic lids on wet wipes package.

GM 02 Automatic Plastic Lids Machine provide no hand touch production and sensitive placing plastic lids on wet wipes package. Compact design, high technology and small installation place require.

  • Full Automatic, no hand touch, placing plastic lids on wet wipes package
  • Diagnostic Alarm System, user friendly touch screen control panel
  • Remote Access function to communicate Guvenpack to have remote help and software update



  • Full Body is 304L Cr-Ni Stainless steel.
  • Places that touch the products are stainless steel.
  • Enduring Wheels to replace the machine easily.
  • Enduring Adjustable feet to place machine permanently.



  • Mobile User Control Panel
  • Anti Bacterial product belts
  • Interlock safety doors
  • Diagnostic Alarm System with Ligth tower bar
  • 75 Packs/min
  • Servo Motor Controlled
  • Motion Control System
  • 7″ 16.7M colorful touch screen user panel
  • Easy to change placing plastic lids position
  • Label Applicator System
  • 380 VAC / 50Hz 3 Phase + N, 4 KW
  • 24 VDC Control Voltage for Safety
  • Remote Access Internet Communication system



  • Wet Wipes , Wet Tissue,