Introducing GM Mini Multifunctional Flowpack Machine.

GM Mini  is Multifunctional HFFS Flowpack Packaging Machine. Low Production Capacity  But Multifunctional product packaging capacity. Instead of Regular HFFS Flowpack Machines GM Mini is able to pack screws, sliced bread, etc like several pieces product.

GM Mini  works with Intelligent Sensing technology to pack products automatical without giving dimension or start command. Sensor see product and machine start to pack automatical. Compact, New Technology design that give advantage to user to have small area for machine.

  • Compact and technological design
  • Able to use different various of product and raw material
  • Able to pack any kind of product and shape
  • Diagnostic Alarm System, user friendly touch screen control panel



  • Electrostatic painted body. The places Which touch the products before packaging is Cr-Ni stainless steel.
  • Places that touch the products are stainless steel.
  • Enduring Wheels to replace the machine easily.
  • Enduring Adjustable feet to place machine permanently.




  • 30 Packs/minute
  • Interlock Safety Doors
  • 4.3″ 16.7M colorful touch screen control panel.
  • Easy to change size of the raw material
  • 220 VAC / 50Hz 1 Phase + N,   2 KW
  • 24 VDC Control Voltage for Safety



  • Date Printer
  • Labelling System
  • Full Cr-Ni Body
  • Gass Flushing System (MAP)



  • Bread packaging, roll bread packaging, french bread packaging, bread stick packaging, sliced bread packaging.