Introducing GM 33FSU Flowpack Machine Film From Bottom.

GM 33FSU  Film From Buttom system, 4 axis motor controlled, with photocell tracking function, 7″ 16.7 M colorful touch screen panel included hffs flowpack packaging machine. Possible to use for transparent, continous printed film and photocell printed film. Packaging Speed up to  150 packs/min. Suitable to pack ice-cream, cotton, chocolate, etc.

  • Compact and technological design
  • Able to use different various of product and raw material
  • “Film From Buttom” system make easy packaging which product are hard to pack.
  • Diagnostic Alarm System, user friendly touch screen control panel



  • Electrostatic painted body. The places Which touch the products before packaging is Cr-Ni stainless steel.
  • Places that touch the products are stainless steel.
  • Enduring Wheels to replace the machine easily.
  • Enduring Adjustable feet to place machine permanently.


  • OPP, BOPP, paper and aluminium laminasions, selephone that one of surfaces can weld with hot or cold.


  • 150 Packs/min
  • Interlock Safety Doors
  • Motion Controller Servo Motor Driven
  • 4 Axis Motor Controlled
  • Photocell Tracking System
  • 7″ 16.7M Color Touch Screen User Control Panel
  • Easy to change size of the raw material
  • 220 VAC / 50Hz 1 Phase + N, 3,5 KW
  • 24 VDC Control Voltage for Safety
  • Rotary Motion Cutting System
  • Film From Buttom type sealing
  • Product carry system by band
  • Stepless setting packaging length
  • Stepless setting machine speed
  • Stepless setting rotary cutter speed
  • Product Feeding Conveyor
  • Adjustable Folding Box
  • Easy to changeover product pusher
  • 3 set of under seal disk system
  • Overload safety rotary cutter
  • PID Controlled heating system


  • Date Printer
  • Full Body Cr-Ni Stainless Steel
  • No Product No Bag
  • No Gap No Seal


– Ice-cream packaging, Fish packaging, multi-pieces product, several pieces products packaging etc.