Introducing GM 10F Flowpack Machine.

GM 10F  is easy to use, without photocell tracking function and simple design HFFS Flowpack Packaging Machine. Possible to use for transparent and continous printed film. Packaging Speed up to  250 packs/min. Suitable to pack plastic cutlery, roll bread, hotel slipper, etc.

  • Compact and technological design
  • Able to use different various of product and raw material



  • Electrostatic painted body. The places Which touch the products before packaging is Cr-Ni stainless steel.
  • Places that touch the products are stainless steel.
  • Enduring Wheels to replace the machine easily.
  • Enduring Adjustable feet to place machine permanently.




  • 250 Packs/minute
  • Interlock Safety Doors
  • Mechanical variator system
  • Easy to change size of the raw material
  • Rotary Motion Cutting System
  • Stepless setting packaging length
  • Stepless setting rotary cutter speed
  • Machine Speed Controlled by AC Motor Driver
  • Adjustable Folding Box
  • Easy to changeover product pusher
  • 3 set of under seal disk system
  • Overload safety rotary cutter
  • PID Controlled heating system
  • Product Feeding Conveyor
  • 220 VAC / 50Hz 1 Phase + N,   2 KW
  • 24 VDC Control Voltage for Safety



  • Date Printer
  • Full Cr-Ni Body
  • Gass Flushing System (MAP)



  • Bread packaging, roll bread packaging, plastic cutlery packaging.