GM 102FS




GM 102FS  Wet Wipes Packaging Machine possible to pack baby wet wipes, pocket wet wipes, car cleaning wet wipes, baby wet wipes, personal care wet wipes, industrial wet wipes , etc.

GM 102FS full automatic no hand touch wet wipes packaging machine. Compakt, High technology, technologic design that takes small area and high production rate.

  • Full Automatic, No hand touch Production
  • High Technology, Compact Design
  • Different Sizes and Different Fabric Bobbin usage option
  • Diagnostic Alarm System, user friendly touch screen control panel
  • Remote Access  function to communicate Guvenpack to have remote help and software update



  • Full Body is 304L Cr-Ni Stainless steel.
  • Places that touch the products are stainless steel.
  • Enduring Wheels to replace the machine easily.
  • Enduring Adjustable feet to place machine permanently.



  • Anti Bacterial product belts
  • Interlock safety doors,
  • Diagnostic Alarm System with Ligth tower bar
  • 55-60 Package/minute,
  • Package Width; Max 180mm (Can be increased by request)
  • Package Length; 60mm – 400mm (Can be increased by request)
  • Servo Motor Controlled
  • Motion Controlled
  • 7″ 16.7M colorful touch screen user panel
  • Easy to change package length
  • Label Applicator System
  • Die-Cut System
  • 10 – 120 g/m2 nonwoven
  • 380 VAC / 50Hz 3 Phase + N,   10 KW
  • 24 VDC Control Voltage for Safety
  • Remote Access Internet Communication system



  • Wet Wipes Packaging Machine, Pocket Wet Tissue Packaging Machine.